Help is on the way...

We are navigating some uncertain times so I believe we should surround ourselves with the best people who get things done. 


  Meet my friend, Corianne.  She has over 15 years of experience in the Human Resources field so I knew she would be my go to girl to provide up to date information for our community.  I have watched this girl work full time, mother her children, and still manage to get her Degree while doing it all. 


She is so passionate about helping people and she has compiled so many resources to help us though this time.  If you need assistance applying for food stamps, unemployment, protecting your rights while recovering from Covid 19 and so much more, click below to keep reading!

Corianne Green

Certified Human Resources Professional

The front lines...

Coming Soon


Story Based on What our local nurses and health care professionals are facing...

Tips for Homeschooling

So now that everyone has been homeschooling for a few days, everyone is a pro right? 

I'll let you in on a little homeschooling secret.  None of us have it "figured out" and this gig has plenty of adjustments as we go!  

How my friend survived Covid-19, but her husband almost wasn't so lucky...

based on true events from a Northshore Family

Coming Soon!