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"How can I do something I love, make a great living, and make other people look and feel amazing while I do it?", 

"How can I do something I love, make a great living, and make other people look and feel amazing while I do it?", I asked myself...

 I knew that THIS career was my best bet of having my dream life!


After growing up in a small town of Carriere, MS, I knew that I had big dreams and wanted to do something different. I dreamed of having a beautiful life, do something meaningful, and have balance, with a husband and big family.  

Following in my Mom's footsteps, I began Cosmetology school in January 2005, moved to my own house in Slidell in February, and worked several jobs to make ends meet.  I graduated in 2006, and dove in head first to building my clientele in a very nice salon and spa in the area. In 2008, I married my sweet husband, welcomed our first child, and quit all of my other jobs!  We bought our salon in 2010 and have worked to build it to what it is today with a crew of talented women who want the same things in life as I do!

Over the past decade, I have fully immersed myself into having, rearing, and homeschooling my 7 children while maintaining my skills and career.   I now work full time and I enjoy the luxuries of flexibility this industry gives me!

  When I'm not behind my salon chair, I enjoy teaching my Tribe new things, cooking up a great meal for my family, and doing art projects (like painting)! I am a sucker for some coffee, and secretly I watch Netflix Documentaries or Crime Dramas after work or with the husband! I think its fun to bring a little drama to my life.  Some of my long term goals include traveling the world, and being an inspiration or maybe a coach to other women who have similar goals or crave true freedom.

 If you are ready for a whole new look for your hair, or a fresh new perspective, Schedule with me now!  Be prepared to laugh a lot, be treated like family, and leave feeling like a million bucks! I can't wait to see you! 

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— Rebecca Peters, Stylist and Entrepreneur

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